Nox cleaner download from 9apps

Nox cleaner download from 9apps
Smartphones are used for various purposes. This device is used not only for the purpose of communication but also for performing various other tasks.By using smartphone one can send and receive emails, can make documents and business files,can use Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft word and other Microsoft related apps which are very important from the point of view of business because these help in easy creation of files and quick transmission of file from one device to another.While creating, transmitting, deleting, editing files and even if there is no creation of a new file some kind of junk is created through these files and other multimedia related files which directly or indirectly affects the performance of smartphone. Due to junk files and residue cache the phone becomes slow. Sometimes it happens that because of junk files the phone start hanging and is not able to accept the actions which are being directed towards it.In such a situation the smartphone needs some kind of cleaner which can clean the phone and boost its actions. There are many apps which are used for the purpose of cleaning the phone and boosting its performance.

About Nox cleaner
NOX cleaner is one such app which is very popular among people and is used for the purpose of cleaning junk files and app cache from the smartphones. NOX cleaner not only cleans the smartphone but also monitor the usage of apps. Since smartphone is used for a number of purposes most of the users install at least fourteen to fifteen apps in the smartphone.These apps consume a lot of battery, data and space from the phone’s internal storage. Ultimately these apps make the smartphone slow because of the junk created by these apps. NOX cleaner keep on monitoring the usage of these apps and while cleaning the junk of the phone it also keep on suggesting which app is the least used by the user and which app should be removed from the phone. In this way the app also keep on reviewing the activity of the user and keep on suggesting to the user what should be done with the apps from time to time. Because of its features NOX cleaner is the most downloaded app from the play store.


    • Optimism storage space and clean your junk files which are present in your mobile.
    • It help you to speed up your Ram by removing unwanted process.
    • Boost Your game applications to run fast
    • It also help you to remove and secure your phone from virus and privacy thread.

9apps store
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Nox cleaner

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